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Incident Report Form

Report an Incident

Mississippi State University is concerned about the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff. In an effort open the lines of communication across campus, The Dean of Students Office has created this incident report form to centralize non-emergency complaints and reports from students, faculty, and staff for any incident involving members of our campus community. Examples of incidents to report, Code of Conduct violation(s), Honor Code violation(s), student behavior or concern, harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination, general complaints, or faculty/student issues. Reports will be respond to appropriately or forwarded to the appropriate department(s).

Please remember this report form is for non-emergency reports only. Should this be an emergency please call 911 for the appropriate emergency responders. To continue to the online incident report form, click here. You will be asked to authenticate your identity before being directed to the online incident report form.