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The Dean of Students Office and Student Honor Code Office offer a variety of presentations for classes, student organizations, orientations, workshops, and more. Please see the presentation list below and fill out the form to submit a request. You will receive an e-mail response from one of our staff members. If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Deer.

Dean of Students General Presentation
20-30 minutes

This presentation highlights the use of the Dean of Students Office as a general resource, as well as an adjudicator of misconduct. It includes a general overview of the roles and responsibilities of the office; an overview of violations and adjudication within the Code of Student Conduct; and an overview of the MSU Student Honor Code, types of violations, tips for avoiding academic misconduct, and campus resources.

MSU Student Honor Code
15-20 minutes

This presentation is designed to help students understand the Student Honor Code in order to both avoid a violation and work toward success at MSU. The presentation covers the role of the Student Honor Code Office, explanations of the eight types of violations of the Honor Code, the adjudication process, tips for avoiding academic misconduct, and campus resources.

Managing Student Behavior in the Classroom and the Workplace
30 minutes-1 hour

New and veteran faculty and staff will gain strategies on navigating difficult behavior or situations that may arise in the lecture, laboratory or work environments. We will also discuss our Maroon Alert notification system and other aspects of crisis management.

Crisis Management
30 minutes-1 hour

MSU Student Honor Code for Faculty
20-30 minutes

Faculty members are a valued partner in the prevention and adjudication of academic misconduct. This presentation is aimed at helping faculty members and instructors understand Honor Code policies and procedures including violation types and statistics, and a detailed explanation of the reporting and adjudication process.

Victim Advocacy
15 minutes

This presentation teaches students what to do if they find themselves in a situation related to harassment, assault, sexual assault, or any Title IX issue. This includes the role of the Dean of Students Office, how to report an incident, as well as campus resources. It also includes a general overview of the Student Code of Conduct policies and procedures.