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Student Advocate/Ombudsman

Student Advocate/Ombudsman

The Dean of Students' Office serves as an advocate to address students' questions and concerns. We offer help and advice to any student or student group involved in a dispute with the University. The office is a place where students can turn to for assistance.

The Dean of Students' Office is committed to providing students with the necessary tools and information essential to surviving university life. Our office goal is to help any person with any problem that walks through our doors, calls us, or writes us. We promote ourselves as the last place you will need to go for assistance with your issues. If we cannot help you directly, then we can point you to the correct person or office that can assist you. If you have a problem, then we will try our best to help you! You can call, email or schedule an appointment with the office staff or just drop by 1st Floor YMCA Building at any time to discuss your concerns. Our contact information is located throughout the Dean of Student's page.

Common Roles for Student Advocate/Ombudsman

Much of the role of a student advocate/ombudsman is to provide information, answer questions, clarify university rules and regulations, refer students to the proper sources, ensure the rights of students at Mississippi State University, and ultimately work to resolve students' problems. When necessary and appropriate, this office will work toward a satisfactory resolution of student problems.

The Dean of Students' office has access to an array of materials, university offices, on- and off-campus resources, and other information that can aid you in finding resolution to your problems.

In order to maintain its integrity, the Dean of Students' Office cannot promote causes that are vindictive or without merit. Assessment of student problems are to be performed in a fair, non-partisan, reasonable and compassionate fashion. Resolution is earnestly sought for all valid complaints. Most of all we are here to listen and respond to your problems and unanswered questions.