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We have moved to the 1st floor of the YMCA building.

Welcome to Mississippi State University. College is a very stressful time in the life of a student. It is both an academic and a social experiment and there are many issues and situations where you might need more information or a support system here on campus.

The Dean of Students' Office, a department within the Division of Student Affairs, serves as a key link between students, parents, administration, and academia. The Office supports both the academic mission of Mississippi State University and the Division of Student Affairs by providing programs, services, resources, and advocacy for the needs and interests of all students at Mississippi State University.

Open to all students of the university, staff members provide educational opportunities for students to develop appropriate community behaviors and personal values while providing support to students and parents with personal or university concerns. The staff also assists students and parents in navigating the administrative process of the university.

We encourage you to contact our office with any of these questions. Furthermore, know we are your advocate while you are here on campus. If you find yourself in need of information or have any problems facing you at MSU please don't hesitate to stop by and ask for help.

Thomas Bourgeois Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions and concerns, and welcome to the MSU family.

Thomas Bourgeois
Dean of Students