Our Mission

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for adjudicating cases of alleged individual and organizational violations of the code of student conduct.

Our educational approach to addressing behavior is in a manner consistent with our core values of fairness, honesty, and integrity while promoting the university's educational mission. By fostering concepts of fairness, civility, and encouraging personal responsibility, our office strives to ensure a safe and healthy campus community. As a service focusing on student rights and standards, the Office of Student Conduct has the following core functions:

  • Administer the code of student conduct while ensuring the principles of due process.
  • Serve as a consultant to and resource for students, faculty, staff, and parents concerning student conduct expectations and rights, University policies and procedures related to student life.
  • Adjudicate alleged cases of student misconduct in a timely manner.
  • Advise students on their rights as citizens of the Mississippi State University community.
  • Increase outreach services regarding Code of Student Conduct violations.
  • Advise students on their rights both as students and as citizens of the Mississippi State University community.