Prior to appealing a parking citation, it is recommended that you review the tips and frequently asked questions below.

Tips for writing a Successful Citation Appeal

Read over the traffic and parking policy found online to see why your citation was issued. Determine if there is something stated in the policy that your documented violation allows. Appealing for the wrong violation will not result in a successful appeal.

Legible handwriting, typing, and providing details are all important. A good rule is to write at least a paragraph. Drawing a map on the back of the form or attaching photographs may help to explain your appeal. The more information presented, the more informed the board will be when making a decision.

Common reasons for unsuccessful appeals:

  1. Lack of knowledge of the rules or regulations
  2. Unavailability of legal parking space
  3. Improper display of decal (instructions are on the back of the decal)
  4. Failure to purchase any decal or the appropriate decal
  5. Inclement weather
  6. Late arrival for class or meeting
  7. Parking in handicap space when you do not have the required decal and it is not registered with Parking & Transit Services.
  8. Didn't know the speed limit
  9. I have parked there before and never got a ticket.

Lastly, remember that you are responsible for your registered vehicle. If someone else is driving your vehicle and it is issued a parking citation, you are responsible for the citation. The full cited amount for the parking ticket will be charged to the MSU account of the registered vehicle owner.